Last week, an NYC resident gained national attention after posting a photo of an In-N-Out burger in New York. As you probably know, the nearest In-N-Out to New York is across the country, so how did this happen? That’s exactly what Lincoln Boehm, the man who found the burger, took to social media to ask.  In an Instagram post, Boehm wrote, “Finding an untouched double double on the ground in Jamaica, Queens is the most confusing thing I’ve ever experienced. Ever. What the fuck is going on @innout? #mystery.”

Soon after, Boehm received an influx of DMs claiming to know the reason, but only one stood out as realistic. Helen Vivas, a high-schooler from Flushing, Queens, messaged Boehm claiming to have purchased the burger in Encinitas, California, just before boarding a flight home. After landing, her bag burst open while sprinting to catch a bus and the burger’s journey ended on that hot, Queens sidewalk. Vivas confirmed her story by sending screenshots of her Instagram story explaining the plan as well as, text messages to friends.

As for how the burger survived a flight, Encinitas ordered the burger without sauce and put the vegetables in separate bags. She then reconstructed the sandwich in NYC. Dedication.