Terry Rozier let his feelings be known at the end of the season when it came to the Boston Celtics and everything that went down this season. Rozier was the backup point guard behind Kyrie Irving and it was clear that there were some chemistry issues. Ever since his public comments, Rozier moved on and signed with the Charlotte Hornets, where he is expected to become the starting point guard. In a new interview with Jonathan Abrams of Bleacher Report, Rozier spoke about why he was frustrated in Boston and how he wishes things had gone down differently.

“Not liking how me being positioned and me being used as a person, player and I just feel like things could have been done better, could’ve been handled better on Boston’s end and on my end,” Rozier said. “I feel like things could’ve been a lot better, and it wasn’t.”

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The point guard also got to talk about being the number one guy during the team's playoff run in 2018, when they were one win away from making it to the Finals. As Rozier explained, being able to lead like that was a moment he persevered for.

“Didn’t try to get too high, then let the stuff get to me,” Rozier said. “Didn’t try to get too low, when things weren’t going my way. Just try to stay right there in the moment, and it worked out for me. Then a lot of people that wasn’t on the Terry Rozier train, talking all that B.S., hop on. That’s just how I go.”

It will be interesting to see how Hozier handles the starting duties in Charlotte as the team looks to rebuild after the departure of Kemba Walker.