Ski Mask the Slump God "Catch Me Outside" Video

Mitch Findlay
July 27, 2017 19:00

Ski Mask is tripping balls in "Catch Me Outside."

Ski Mask The Slump God has teamed up with videographer Cole Bennett to create the visuals for "Catch Me Outside." The popular track, which feature's Timbaland & Missy Elliot's classic "She's A Bitch" instrumental, has been one of Ski Mask's best songs for a while, so it's cool to see it get the full video treatment.

The psychedelic clip finds the Slump God going on a drug-fueled adventure through Times Square. His travelling companion? A Chucky doll, whom he proceeds to force feed some lean. The video is permeated with hallucinogenic animation throughout, which adds to the frantic and hilarious experience. Check it out now.

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