Shaq is an enigma of sorts. Though plenty of rappers love basketball, and many of them can hoop as well, there aren't as many basketball players that have been able to transition into music in the way that Shaq did. Nonetheless, we all know that there's a mutual admiration among basketball players and rappers.

You might recall a photo of Tupac that's surfaced wearing Shaq's jersey with the Orlando Magic. It's not uncommon of rappers to wear NBA jerseys but in a recent interview with Complex, Shaq recalled actually running into 'Pac on the day that photo was taken.

"I saw him that night he had the jersey on. And I just gave him a hug. I just gave him dabs. He was like, 'Wassup, Dies?' And I was like, 'Wassup, 'Pac?' and that was it. I used to see him all the time in L.A but never got the chance to sit down with him and conversate," Shaq said. He added that even though it was L.A. and they moved with their own people at the club, he said it was always love.

After being asked about which celebrity surprised him the most by wearing his jersey, he explained that he's never necessarily surprised by anyone wearing his jersey. However, he acknowledged the significance of Biggie and 'Pac both rocking his jersey at one point in time. "I know most rappers love basketball so I know that. I try to give them the same enjoyment they gave me," Shaq said. "I'mma have to go with 'Pac. And I think Biggie wore a Laker jersey one time so probably those two."