Kyrie Irving sparked tons of debates over the weekend after he voiced his concerns about restarting the NBA season. Irving feels like the NBA would be distracting people from the social issues that need to be fought for right now. There is a group of players who agree with Irving while many others would much rather just play and use the NBA's platform to protest and bring awareness.

Today, all of the pundits are debating Irving's efforts, including Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Fortunately, Bayless and Sharpe brought some much-needed nuance and level-headedness to the debate. As you can see in the clips below, Sharpe believes the best way to move forward is to play the games and actively bring awareness to social causes, while Bayless is warier considering all of the unrest.

As Bayless explains, black men continue to die at the hands of police and it is creating even more need for protests. With this in mind, Bayless isn't so sure the NBA is necessary right now. Meanwhile, Sharpe feels as though these issues will always be prevalent in society and that we can't stop our lives, otherwise, nothing would get done.

This is certainly a complicated debate that the league and its players need to have before stepping out on the court. At this point, there is no right answer.