Sean Wotherspoon, the man behind the popular vintage streetwear store Round Two and one of last year's best shoes, the "Sean Wotherspoon Nike Air Max 1/97, is back and he's teasing us with new shoe designs.

Wotherspoon took to Instagram pn Friday to show off an all yellow Air Max 1 with a white tongue, a red button on the top of the tongue, and blue insoles. Calling it the "London," Wotherspoon complimented the unique design with a removable overcoat using Harris Tweed materials. The Round Two owner explained the concept saying "I wanted the kicks the come with a removable overcoat by [Harris Tweed] that they could wear in cold weather haha also used a few more of my favorite materials!"

Although based on his post, it seems as though these are only a one of one creation and will not be released to the public for now. Considering the success of Wotherspoon's first collaboration with Nike, maybe the sportswear company will want to release this new look sometime in the future.

Wotherspoon's Air Max 1/97 first released at ComplexCon back in November of 2017 and quickly became one of the most anticipated shoes of early 2018. It is rumored that Nike and Wotherspoon will be releasing a new shoe in the near future, according to High Snobiety.