Robert De Niro has earned his stripes. Having came to prominence in the nineteen seventies, performances like Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, and The Deer Hunter quickly solidified De Niro as one of Hollywood's most engaging young talents. Now, the two-time Oscar winner has amassed a repertoire of over one hundred films, with recent rumors pointing to a notable expansion. Now, it seems like De Niro is looking to wade into comic book territory for the first time, albeit, not in the traditional sense. Deadline has reported that the legendary actor is "in talks" to join the upcoming Joker origin story, which has already locked down Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role. 

According to the report, talks are "close to being finalized," after having transpired for weeks. Though mum's the word on specifics, it does seem confirmed that De Niro will not be playing a villain. At least no in the traditional sense; he may very well prove a foil for the film's lead character, an antihero skewing toward the dark end of the moral compass. Deadline indicates that De Niro will be playing a "talk show host," who ultimately goes on to play a formative role in shaping the Clown Prince Of Crime.

While the initial announcement of a Joker movie left many raised eyebrows, locking down a talent like Joaquin went a long way in building trust. Now, with the addition of Bobby De Niro, it's seeming likely that Joker's acting will be one of the film's strong suits. Perhaps there is hope for this yet. Look out for Joker, dropping October 4, 2019.