After retiring from the NBA with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Richard Jefferson has carved out a nice little lane for himself by becoming an analyst on ESPN. Jefferson can be seen speaking on a plethora of show, although he usually finds himself on Get Up! Yesterday, Jefferson was on the show with former Cavaliers assistant coach Damon Jones. At one point, they got into a conversation about how ruthless the business of the league can be, with Jefferson explaining how he found out the New Jersey Nets had traded him. After his story, Jones said the Nets got better without him which is actually false.

The team won 34 games with Jefferson on the team back in 2008-2009 and ended up going 12-70 the year after they traded him. Jefferson clearly looked bothered in the clip and seemed as though he was holding back from saying how he felt.

Jefferson ended up taking to Twitter shortly after where he referenced the soup attack incident involving Jones and J.R. Smith.

"If anyone was wondering why this man got soup thrown on him it’s because of absurd statements like this," Jones said. "Nets 2009 12-70 and started the season 0-18. My silence was me trying to not expose him on National TV."