Redman is known for being one of the realest rappers in the game. Not only is he unanimously respected by his peers as one of the most underrated lyricists alive, but Redman has also entertained fans with his signature brand of off the wall humor. All you really need to do is watch a single Redman interview, like the one he recently did on The Breakfast Club, and you'll immediately see why so many people have love for the Funk Doctor. In fact, Red has been immortalized in television history, with his episode of MTV Cribs standing out as one of the best moments of  hip-hop related TV since the all-rapper episode of The Weakest Link.  

One of the highlights of Redman's crib appearances was his infamous "Dollar Box," which was, as expected, a box full of single dollars. In the original video, Redman describes the purpose of the box, stating "if I need some money I just run to the dollar box and go get me some bread or some cheese." Who needs a bank when you can have a dollar box? You can check out some footage, albeit poor quality footage, of the original segment after the jump. 

Recently, the ever-active Redman took to Instagram to address the most pressing fan question of all time. "Motherfuckas wanna known if I still have my dollar box from MTV Cribs," says Red. "Fuck yeah I still got my dollar box!" He proceeds to reveal a new and improved version of the box (nestled in next to a can empty can of Dr. Pepper and some prescription drugs) stuffed with more dollars than ever before. If you look closely, you may or may not be able to catch the occasional errant fiver.  "Straight dollas," boasts Redman. "That's that 'my cheque ain't cleared, but I still got some money to go get groceries box."