Raekwon celebrates a historical milestone today. It's officially been 25 years since Raekwon unleashed his seminal debut album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx that ultimately changed the rap game as we know it. The storytelling is vivid. The production is hypnotizing. It's a textbook definition of what a classic rap album is.

Scott Gries/ImageDirect/Getty Images

Over a decade later, Raekwon released a sequel to The Purple Tape that was equally revered. That says a lot about Raekwon's penmanship and how it's only gotten stronger with time. During a recent interview with Elliot Wilson, Raekwon spoke on the impact of the project 25 years later. "I feel like Al Green right now, n***a," he declared. However, Rae used the moment to provide fans a major update on what we can expect from him in the future including a third installment to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.

"It's time we close that trilogy out," Rae announced. 

"Wooo! Cuban Linx 3?" Elliot asked.

"Yeah, it's time to close that trilogy. I was holding all night. I was holding all night back to tell you that," Rae added. "Cuban Linx 3, baby. The trilogy. It's over after that. It's over."

Even at 50-years-old, Raekwon still has fire in his belly. We're looking forward to hearing how Rae and Ghost conclude the series.