R. Kelly sure knows how to swoon the ladies.  Even when he is getting them ejected from his show he does it in style, as two women found out this weekend. 

Kell was in L.A. as part of his “Single Ladies” tour and performing at the Nokia Theater when he noticed two female fans in the crowd becoming overly physical with each other fighting over a seat.  This caught the R&B legend’s attention and instead of hollering for security, he sang for them, “Security...Se-Cur-I-Tyyy...I’m trying to do a muthafuckin show right nooowww.”

Security caught onto what was happening and eventually removed one of the women from the show without further incident. The "Trapped In The Closet" performer is on tour until December 7th. 

Check out video footage, posted by TMZ, of Kelly’s hilarious “security” singing freestyle below.