While Nicki Minaj was on tour, she made a stop in Dallas, Texas to perform at the Verizon Theatre. Apparently, she was also supposed to make an appearance at club Zouk for an after party, however bailed at the last minute. Nicki, however, denies this, and says the promoters were selling fake tickets.

The club owner of Zouk says Minaj was paid $30,000 for the appearance. A spokesperson for Zouk says Nicki showed up, and for some reason, decided not to come in. "From my understanding, she was outside, she had shown up, her security had done a walkthrough and she just decided not to come in." The club had been rented out by outside promoters for this after party, however, Zouk was given copies of the contract and money transfer signed between the promoter and Minaj's group called 'Pink Personality LLC.'

Minaj tweeted on Sunday evening that there would be no after party, and that tickets had been sold under false pretenses: "No after party tonight," she added, "shout out to the promoters who sold tickets under false pretenses."

Cislo has responded that the unsuccessful event is giving them a bad rep, especially Nicki's tweet: "As soon as everyone found out she wasn`t showing up on Twitter they were messaging us, text message, emails, you know why are you putting on a fake show? Just gives us a bad rep."

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