Problem Shows Off His Prized Possession In "Lamborghini" Video

Mitch Findlay
June 09, 2020 17:18

Problem delivers some new visuals for "Lamborghini," featuring the song's namesake in a starring role.

There's no denying it -- rappers tend to love their Lamborghinis, sometimes as much as life itself. The amount of times the luxurious sports car has been name-dropped throughout the entirety of hip-hop history is absolutely bamboozling to ponder. As such, we have to expect a love letter or two, and today Compton's own Problem has come through to celebrate his prized possession.

With a video directed by JoshyGonz, Problem puts his white Lambo on full display, allowing viewers to bask in its beauty. Premise wise, Problem isn't entirely looking to weave the next great American plotline, but he's got enough charisma to retain interest throughout. While there are a few scene-breaks interspersed throughout, for the most part, Problem opts to let his baby do the talking. Check out the video now, and should you be seeking more from Problem, be sure to check out his TIDAL-Exclusive short film A Compton Story, written and directed in its entirety by the man himself.

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