This week’s episode of Power, entitled “The Devil Inside,” was filled with surprises. Teresi looks like he is starting to develop genuine feelings for his son Tommy, Kanan makes his highly anticipated move to replace Mr. Egan, Angela steps into the bad side, and Ghost wrangles power back from Tate.

Maybe I have short term memory issues, but I can’t remember the last time we had an obligatory sex scene in Power. With that in mind, “The Devil Inside” features three of them. The episode picks up right where the last one left off, and Tasha meets up with Terry Silver to ask him to lie for her. Silver isn’t down at first, and he accuses Tasha of covering for Ghost. That’s when Tasha tells the truth, and admits that Tariq killed Ray Ray, and the only way to save him is if Silver corroborates her story about the “missing” gun. Once again, Silver is hesitant, but after a teary-eyed plea from Tasha, he folds.

Back at Angela’s place, Ghost asks his lover if she believes Terry will cover for Tasha. Angela answers that people make stupid decisions when they’re in love, which pretty much sums up her storyline for the entirety of Power. Angela becomes scared of the consequences of her actions, but Ghost uses his charm to make her feel better. While he and Angela have sex at her apartment, Tasha does the same with Terry at his place. That knocks out two obligatory sex scenes at once.

Meanwhile, Kanan makes the power move of the century. K, Ghost, and Tommy meet up with Jason, and the latter of the trio pays off the Serbian connect. Although Jason is pleased with the money, he’s disappointed the Jimenez are still alive. Once Tommy reveals the Jimenez siblings were arrested then cut loose, Jason becomes frustrated and tells the trio they must kill the siblings immediately. After leaving the tense meeting, Ghost confronts Tommy about not telling him the Jimenez were arrested. Tommy shrugs it off, and so Ghost confides in Kanan. He asks Kanan to kill Diego Jimenez, to which Kanan agrees.

Teresi is under pressure from Saxe and Mak to get information about Angela being involved in a murder. He takes Tommy to pick up money from their jail connect who has been smuggling drugs into prison for them. After the prison guard tries to lie to Tommy and Teresi about the funds, the two strap him down to a chair (with Sammy’s help as well) and torture him to death. The father-son bonding moment turns into an opportunity for Teresi to ask his son about any other murders he’s committed. Tommy indulges his pops, and starts to spill the beans on several murders he’s committed. When Teresi tells Tommy that he’s proud of him and invites him over for a family dinner, Mr. Egan says “Thanks, Dad.” At that moment, Teresi looks shook. He’s never had anyone call him “dad” before.

While Tommy plays the good son, Tariq is busy doing the opposite. He continues to ignore his Dad, while hanging out with Kanan. K does what he does best, and continues to manipulate the boy. Tariq decides to enter into the drug game, and it seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. After leaving Tariq, Kanan meets up with the disgruntled 2-Bit. 2-Bit reveals that Dre is planning to kill a Serbian connect and has asked him and Spanky to kill Ghost after he goes after Diego. Kanan informs 2-Bit that it will be him that kills Diego instead, effectively changing the plans. K isn’t down to lose the Serbian just yet, since he is trying to take Tommy’s place in the organization. Being the master manipulator that he is, Kanan kills Diego as he promised Ghost, but uses the Jimenez’s severed head to prove his loyalty to Jason. He also saves Jason from being killed by Dre, while proposing to take over the docks that Tommy has yet to deliver. Jason is pleased, and tells K he must kill Tommy. Kanan assures him Ghost and Tommy will end up killing each other.

Teresi takes Tommy to meet his wife Connie, who has devised that the latter is her husband’s bastard child. She tries to convince Teresi not to snitch on the only family he’ll have after she passes away, further twisting the mobster’s heart. The trio have dinner together, but Tommy’s mother shows up to ruin the show. Her outburst leads to a heated moment where Connie calls Tommy her son. What a crazy family. The relationship between Teresi and Tommy appears to be growing, as the former snitches to Mak and Saxe about Ghost murdering Marshall Williams (Charlie Murphy) without giving up information on his son. Connie and Teresi press Tommy about having a girlfriend over for dinner, which leads Mr. Egan to invite LaKeisha to meet his family. That, in turn, gives us the third sex scene of the episode. LaKeisha just can't get over Tommy.

On the legal side of things, Angela has found herself backed into a corner. After Donovan tips off Angela that Mak and Saxe are on to her, and burns their friendship, she decides to make a power move as well. By manipulating Steve Tampio, Angela learns that there is a job opening in D.C. within the secret program he works for. She lures Mak into a deal, telling him that she can get him that job in D.C. in exchange for his “friendship.” Mak appears to take the deal, which may ultimately mean he lets Angela go free. Just as a back up though, Angela meets with Tommy (unwillingly). Tommy breaks into her car, and she almost puts a hit on Mak. Angela decides that if her plan to move him to D.C. doesn’t work, then she’ll settle for murder, which impresses Tommy. On a side note, I’m loving these Tommy and Angela meetups. Angela discerns that Tommy is not the distro, but is, in fact, the competition. Mr. Egan refuses to give her any information though. He just needs her to move on the Jimenez siblings immediately (neither know Kanan killed Diego already).

Proctor is approached by Saxe, who gets him his job as a lawyer back in return for information on Angela. That spells bad news for almost everyone, except Tommy who can now confide in Proctor again due to attorney-client privilege. To cap things off, Tasha goes to Terry’s home and finds it empty. Instead of lying for Tasha, he has decided to move away completely, effectively cutting himself out of the situation. Meanwhile, Ghost blackmails Tate into letting him back into the Queens Child Project with a recording that would shatter his campaign run. Ghost decides to celebrate his win with Angela, but Tasha busts in and reveals that Silver has run away. Ghost admits that he confronted Terry to give him further incentive to lie for Tasha, but his threats ultimately scared the lawyer away. The episode ends with Tasha and Ghost debating on who will turn themselves in for the murder to protect Tariq.