Pouya Waxes Poetic About "Daddy Issues" In Surreal Animated Visuals

Mitch Findlay
June 15, 2018 13:06

Pouya's "Daddy Issues" takes viewers on a strange and surreal trip.

Though "daddy issues" are no laughing matter, that won't keep Pouya from using his lover's insecurities to finesse his way into her bedroom. Morally dubious to be sure, though some might argue all is fair in love and war. Who are we to judge. Either way, Pouya has officially put forth the Five Five melodic track to be his new single, complete with animated visuals by Tristan Zammit. The anime style clip features plenty of expected sexuality, as Pouya's cartoon analogue stares transfixed at a gyrating ass. 

Such pleasures are not meant to last. The clip proceeds to take a surreal, science-fiction infused turn, as Pouya's desired maiden transforms into a grotesque alien being. Having reached her carnivorous final form, she doesn't hesitate to give chase. Luckily, Pouya nurses the secret ability to transform into a strange bestial being, part gorilla, all abomination. Ultimately, both primordial do battle, which is actually a metaphor for sex, or something. 

Peep the visuals now. 

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