Pepsi is trying to level up in whatever way they can and this time around, it seems like they're taking another stab at the world of coffee. The company has announced that they're launching a coffee-infused beverage called Pepsi Cafe which will also be available in vanilla. Expect to see this on shelves across the U.S. this April.

Pepsi admits that the soda game isn't like it once was and in order to keep things refreshing and appeal to the youth, they're coming through with a brand new drink that they hope will give their company a little bit of a boost. "Cola has been a pretty stagnant category over the last 20-30 years," vice president of marketing for Pepsi, Todd Kaplan said. "As consumer preferences continue to evolve, we as Pepsi need to evolve as well to better meet those needs."

Pepsi's previously tried to launch cafe type products that haven't necessarily been successful. The 90s had Pepsi Kona and in the 2000s, they tried to introduce Pepsi Max Cino. Kaplan is still optimistic about the reception of Pepsi Cafe. "We think the consumers today have now caught up with this trend," he said.

"We are confident that cola fans, iced coffee drinkers and anyone in need of an extra caffeine boost will love the unexpected flavor medley of roasted coffee infused into the refreshing, crisp flavor of Pepsi," he said in a press release.