When it comes to sporting events, there is no denying that fans like to get testy with one another. Sometimes, these altercations in the stands can get violent which leads to some pretty severe outcomes. Most of the time, these fights go down at football and hockey games, where the action down below is already violent as is. However, this typically isn't always the case when it comes to baseball, where the sport is a lot calmer at times, albeit it can quickly devolve if the two teams hate each other.

On Wednesday, baseball saw one of its wildest fan moments in a while as the Colorado Rockies took on the San Diego Padres in Colorado. In the clip below, a Padres fan got up from his seat and walked over to a Rockies supporter. It was there that the Padres fan wound up and completely knocked out the man in the Rockies jersey.

According to TMZ, the Rockies fan was okay and won't be pressing charges. As a result, the Padres fan was not arrested, although he was roughed up a bit after delivering that big punch.

In the end, the Rockies fan may have lost the fight but his team won the war as the Rockies came away with a 3-2 victory.


Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images