Things got out of control at an Odd Future performance in Texas when a fan was on stage and a fight broke out between him and the members of the group.  Now the fan, who suffered mutiple injuries, is planning on suing the rap group.

During the performance in San Antonio, 17 year old Chassan Rasagi alleges that OF member Hodgy Beats shoved him into the crowd after he rushed the stage, the crowd in turn shoved him back on stage.  The group, feeling Rasagi was not getting the message then attacked him.

According to TMZ, the teeneager endured lacerations on his head, multiple scratches and burns to his body, and even suffered two seizures. Fans at the performance say that Rasagi was the one who antagonized OF and threw punches at them initially.  Now the injured fan says he plans to file a lawsuit.

You can see amateur footage of the altercation below.