TMZ reports that Drake is responsible for large amounts of marijuana smoke at a club in Oklahoma City which resulted in the club being shut down. Now the club owner is looking to Drizzy to compensate him for his troubles.

The owner of the Dollhouse Lounge sent Drake and his manager a letter which TMZ obtained. The owner claims that Drake asked him to open his night club on March 21st for a private party, which then got out of control. Once the party was in full swing, employees of the Dollhouse noticed the smell of marijuana coming from Drake's VIP section.The party was shut down immediately, and the owner says that the Oklahoma City police arrived to help clear out the club and restore order.

While the cops were on the scene, they found a half-burnt marijuana joint in the VIP section, and proceeded to arrest the club manager after giving her a ticket.

The club owner is blaming his problems on Drake's private party, saying he wouldn't be in this trouble if Drake hadn't asked him to open his club in the first place. He's looking for several thousand dollars worth of compensation.