This is some interesting news, not some media or gossip shit, but on some science and life tip.

A new study is looking at the brains of rappers who freestyle and perform often, and the long-term and short-term affects of these activities on their brain. The findings of this study are meant to help understand neural correlates of creativity. 

Freestyle rap provides a unique opportunity to examine this, because, if we really define "freestyling," it's the "process of spontaneous lyrical improvisation," which is an intersection of creativity and language.

The images from the study were created with functional magnetic resonance technology. You can see the images below, the yellow sections of the brain are associated with organization and motivation, and are more active in rappers who freestyle or improvise their lyrics. The blue section, which is linked to self-control, are weakened. 

This first photo shows the brains during the beginning of the freestyle process, to the end, as the yellow becomes more and more defined.

As the scientists controlling the study say, "Lyrical improvisation appears to be characterized by altered relationships between regions coupling intention and action, in which conventional executive control may be bypassed and motor control directed by cingulate motor mechanisms. These functional reorganizations may facilitate the initial improvisatory phase of creative behavior."

Read more on the study here.

[via Complex]