His latest album, the triumphant sounding Life Is Good, was one of the best selling LPs of the summer, and true to the title, Nas had declared that he had buried past demons and was ready to accept that life is good.  Unfortunately, things may not be so great for Nasty as it looks on the surface, as his home in Georgia has been foreclosed on by the bank.

Still owing over $500,000 on his $585,000 mortgage, TMZ reports that the bank which issued the loan, SunTrust foreclosed and then sold the home.  Nasir bought the two bedroom 3,500 square foot swanky home in 2004, and was then auctioned for much less than he paid at a discounted $348,500. 

The bank was looking to recoup as much of the $507,000 still owed by the legendary rapper.  Obviously, this is not his only home, but it will be interesting to hear details on why exactly he quit making mortgage payments on his Georgian house.