With his much hyped Life Is Good set to drop tomorrow July 17th, Nas sat down for an interview with the Young and Reckless team to talk about the album and some decisions like not having DJ Premier produce.  Although the two have been working together since Nas’ hip hop opus Illmatic, Nas chose to work with other producers this time around.  “I told Premier...not this album”, Nasty wanted to go in another direction for this record, he says, “on this album I wanted new ideas...allow to get together (with other producers) and pull out my dreams for me”. 

Nas talked about collaborating with MMG, as Rick Ross is featured on the album, and Nas is set to be featured on Meek Mill’s upcoming album Dreams & Nightmares, “just blazed something up for Meek’s joint...Meek’s album is gonna be a classic”.

The 90s is often remembered nostalgically as a golden era of hip hop, and Nas is one of the names synonymous with that era.  He says he understands that and kept that in mind when creating his latest LP, “alotta people feel like the 90s was the best moment in hip hop...I definitely wanted to cater the record to that sound”.

Speaking about more nostalgia, Nas says he would like to see a prominent magazine rise again as the voice of hip hop as The Source once was “that’s missing, The Source used to be the bible, ya know, for rap music”. 

Life Is Good drops tomorrow, check out a couple track from the album Nas has previously released, "Where's The Love" and "Summer On Smash".