After a long and storied career, N.O.R.E./P.A.P.I. is working on his next project, Melvin Flint 2, but feels he's reached the end of the road and is planning on taking a backseat as a solo artist following the album's release. 

Speaking to MTV news, the New York rapper, who was one-half of Capone-N-Noreaga, wants to make room for the upcoming crop of talent, “I think I need to step away from the game in totality as an artist per say, as N.O.R.E. to give these new artists their full shot.”  This isn't a retirement from rap, but P.A.P.I. says he's done dropping solo projects and heading out on tour, “Will I stop rapping? No, because I love to rap. But will I be putting out albums and will I be touring?"  

He goes onto answer his question saying he wants to take a backseat and perhaps take on a more business role, "I think I want to fully sit back and try and be a CEO.”