Mike McCarthy was fired by the Green Bay Packers in the middle of the 2018 season and since then has announced that he would be the taking the next year off. He claimed he would only coach if he got the New York Jets job, but since that went to Adam Gase instead, he decided to take a nice little vacation. While most people would be relaxing on vacation, it appears as though McCarthy can now be found yelling at the referees during his kid's basketball games. According to TMZ, McCarthy is now under investigation after berating and following a ref around during his stepson's game at Pulaski High School.

The incident was so serious that officials have reportedly filed an "abuse against contest officials" which is why McCarthy is being investigated. It was also reported that McCarthy has been to plenty of his stepson's games this season and this hasn't really been an issue until now. Obviously, the former Packers coach didn't like the call and had flashbacks of his time in the NFL.

McCarthy had a pretty successful career in Green Bay. He took over the team in 2006 and even won a Super Bowl with the team in 2011, although that was his only appearance in the big game.