Memphis Bleek appearend on Shade 45 recently to speak on his upcoming projects and rep TIDAL for his former mentor Jay Z.

“TIDAL is worth it," Bleek said.

When not shilling for Hova, the Brooklyn rapper talked about his difficulty focusing on music when his business partners are more focused on non-musical endeavors, such as Roc Nation Sports, Dusse, and TIDAL.

"People make so much money, to tell them to go backwards and get back on the grind, they looking at you like you talking Chinese,” he said. “When we in the office, it’s other business we not even discussing music.”

That said, he’s “definitely doing a mixtape this summer.” He just dropped the moderately fuego "Not The Same" -- a sign of things to come?

Bleek hasn't dropped an album since 534 in 2005, highlighted by the epic Swizz Beatz-produced joint "Like That." On Shade, he dismissed any notion of putting out an album anytime soon.

“An EP and album can wait,” he says. “I gotta put the gloves on and get back in the ring and knock a few heads off real quick.”

That is a logical fallacy, give us an album Bleek! He won't put out an album but, as he told Shade, he still believes in himself.

"I'm the realest nigga in the game," he said.

Listen to the whole interview below.

[via HipHopDX]