Common's newest album, "The Dreamer/The Believer" drops tomorrow, December 20th. However, it seems one of the features is not happy with Common's use of the N-word throughout the album.

The famed author Maya Angelou reads a poem she wrote on one of Common's tracks, and says she was unaware that Common used the N-word and that it would be used in this song particular song, called "The Dreamer." Angelou called the word "vulgar and dangerous" to the black community.

"I had no idea that Common was using the piece we had done together on [a track] in which he also used the 'N' word numerous times," Angelou stated. "I'm surprised and disappointed. I don't know why he chose to do that. I had never heard him use that [word] before. I admired him so because he wasn't singing the line of least resistance."

However, Common told the New York Post that Angelou was aware that he uses the N-word, and that it is a part of him.