More drama is being reported from the weekend, as it appears to not have been a lucky weekend for Bad Boy’s Machine Gun Kelly.   The rapid-fire rapper had tweeted that he got mace in his eyes during the altercation betweenRick Ross and Young Jeezy’s crews.  This past Friday he also had a performance shut down by the police.

To promote their annual Power 30 issue, The Source hosted a short performance by MGK in the Microsoft Store in Lenox Mall.  He was scheduled to just perform two to three songs, but he was not even able to be on the mic that long. 

Reports indicate, from HHDX, that Kelly jumped onto tables that had electronics like laptops and tablets on them.  Police were on the scene and tried to get MGK to get off the tables.  They apparently didn’t have much patience for the rapper, and shortly after cut the feed to his microphone.

Check out footage from the performance below.