After encountering some legal issues over previous mixtapes, Mac Miller enlisted the services of beat connoisseur Pharrell Williams on their collabo Pink Slime EP.  They have been dropping hints, by releasing the cover art, and tweeting about the EP, and Miller says the short-play album is almost completed.

In an interview with while at the VMAs, Mac says they are eyeing a release sometime this fall, “it should be dope, man.  It’s going to be really exciting music.  It should be out this fall.” The EP is almost finished, and the PA rapper says they are just one studio session away from Pink Slime being ready for release, “I’ve got to go down to Miami one more time and get one more studio session in.”

The two have compiled 11 tracks, but Miller feels that is still a little inflated, and wants to chop it down to the choice cuts only, “we have about 11 records that we’ve done, but I only want the best ones on there.  We gotta figure it out. I’m just hoping people like it, man,” adding, “It’s something different from both of us.”