Good news for Lil Uzi fans. According to frequent Uzi producer Maaly Raw, the "XO Tour Life" rapper's anticipated album is "basically done." In an interview with XXL, Raw blesses us with a little bit of insight into the album's direction. "I guess we’re just working on extra songs trying to really perfect it" says Maaly, before confirming that Atlantic records has imposed an unknown deadline on the record.

On the topic of Uzi's process, Maaly Raw states that “Uzi works fast, real fast. I’ll pull up a beat, he’ll do it. He’ll hop right up and wanna work on the next one right after that. It just be like that, all day."

And for those wondering if Uzi is sitting on some heat, Raw seems happy to prove ya'll correct. He refers to the album as a "classic," and teases "“Everything [Uzi] been doing, he just elevated it, that’s all. Different sounds—the way I’m comin’ on it, I’m comin’ different. Some of the stuff on [Luv Is Rage 2], people not expecting from me, so that’s gonna be exciting when you hear it.”