Lonzo Ball Pays Homage To Man, Myth, Legend, Papa "LaVar"

Zo (Lonzo Ball) -  LaVar

  February 15, 2018 15:27
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For Ball, by Ball.

LaVar Ball has been the NBA's biggest bane since the Monstars. And while he's seemed content to play the villain, LaVar's staunch belief in legacy has proved beneficial for his progeny. An amateur psychic of sorts, LaVar correctly predicted Lonzo's future with the Lakers; like Ball favorite Nas might suggest, "It Was Written..." Whether or not he ever predicted his eldest son would be dropping a mixtape is another story. Even if he did, would he ever expected such a sentimental homage, as the album closer no less? Lo and behold, Lonzo's Born To Ball mixtape provides all the candid character development binge watching Ball In The Family never could.

If you've ever found yourself intrigued by the Ball family antics, "LaVar" should be essential listening. It's interesting to hear Lonzo openly address his father's public conduct, reminding us all of the attributes we don't always see. Y'all can hate him, that's my pops though, first one that's there for me once it got cold," raps a subdued Zo. "Listen to the story, not just how it's told."

Quotable Lyrics

Ever since a child your boy been a star
Light skinned, colored eyes, I've always looked the part
People lookin' crazy, askin' is it hard?
I just laugh 'cause I know they talkin' 'bout LaVar
Y'all can hate him, that's my pops though
First one that's there for me once it got cold

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