Dave "Lil Dicky" Burd may have initially gained attention by way of his breakout studio album Professional Rapper, but his television work appears to be taking him to the next stage of his career. Burd's original series Dave, which premiered earlier this year on FXX, recently concluded its ten-episode first season run -- in the process, it became the most-viewed comedy series in FX history, raking in a reported 5.3 million viewers per episode. 

Lil Dicky Dave Season 2

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Telling the tale of one man's unlikely quest to become the next-great hip-hop superstar, Dave became an instant favorite for longtime Dicky fans and newcomer viewers alike. Though speculation of a season two renewal was all but locked in, a report from Variety has confirmed that a new batch of Dave episodes will be arriving at some point in 2021, barring any coronavirus-related production delays. 

"Thank you for a record-breaking rookie year," writes Dicky, by way of his Instagram page. "Season 2 mode activated." In an official statement, Burb elaborated on his vision for season two, albeit more so in scope than in creative direction. "We set out to make something special and it’s so gratifying to see the response this show has gotten,” he explains. “This was my first rodeo, so I’m super excited to take another crack at it now that I’ve got some experience making television. It really feels like the sky is the limit with this show. I look forward to raising the bar even higher next year.”

Congratulation to Dicky and all the minds behind Dave -- did you watch the first season, and if so, are you looking forward to a second one?