On Thursday (July 14), Lil Boosie was indicted in a second instance of attempting to smuggle drugs into Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

According to The Advocate, Boosie was charged with one count of criminal conspiracy to take contraband to and from a penal institution, and another count of inciting a felony. Each count comes with two more years behind bars if convicted.

As previously reported, Louisiana State Police filed the felony charges against the Baton Rouge rapper back in May after investigators believe they caught Boosie and two other men in the midst of setting up the scheme to bring codeine into the jail through an undercover agent. The other suspects, Titus Franklin and Arthur Stewart, were also indicted yesterday.

A source told Louisiana authorities that the Trill Entertainment MC instructed Stewart to mix an ounce of codeine syrup in a drink and deliver it to Franklin, who then gave it to an undercover state trooper at a meeting at a Jack in the Box restaurant.

This is the second time Boosie has been accused of attempting to smuggle illegal substances into a Louisiana state prison. Last July he was indicted for attempting to get drugs into Dixon Correctional Institute with help from his girlfriend, a former Dixon officer and others.

This is just the latest of Boosie’s legal woes. He is currently incarcerated on a 2009 probation violation, while also also awaiting trial on a on a first-degree murder charge, in which he faces the death penalty.