LeBron James will easily go down as one of the greatest basketball players ever. About ten years ago, there were numerous questions in regards to his legacy and whether or not he was truly one of the best. He had never won a championship and some felt that time was starting to run out. Knowing the Cleveland Cavaliers weren't giving him any help, he decided to join forces with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat. The big three were arguably the first super team and completely changed the face of the NBA.

Back in 2012, James and the Heat were down 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Boston Celtics. At this point, LeBron had yet to get his title and his legacy was on the line. As we all know, he went off in a magical performance that saved the season. During a recent IG live, LeBron contemplated what would have happened had they lost that game.

“If we lose, Pat Riley may break us all up. ... My legacy gon' take a huge, huge hit if I don’t go out here and perform at an all-time high," LeBron said.

So there you have it, the Big 3 almost lasted only two seasons. Thankfully, LeBron was able to have a monstrous Game 6 that effectively saved his legacy.