When you're a young fan at a sporting event, your dream is to actually meet one of the players and potentially get their autograph. There is no better feeling than being able to meet your heroes and unfortunately, only a few actually get to do it. During last night's game between the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers, two lucky Jazz fans got a special gift from the king himself, LeBron James.

As you can see in the clip below, a little boy and girl are ushed near the court where LeBron takes off his shoes and begins autographing each foot. From there, he gives one shoe to each child before they run back to their seats in a fit of giddy excitement.

What's particularly heartwarming about LeBron's gesture, is that he gave the shoes to kids who were sitting in the higher sections. All too often, it's the kids in the more expensive courtside seats that get the shoes. If you're sitting higher up, your chances of interacting with the players are next to none. LeBron is well-aware of this and wanted to do something special for some young fans who probably had no idea they'd ever possess such a great gift.

Not to mention, this Lakers colorway of the Nike LeBron 17 is pretty fire. It will certainly make a great decoration piece in their homes.