LeBron James has consistently been one of the hardest-working players in the entire NBA and he knows exactly what it takes to be able to compete at the highest levels. Every offseason, LeBron can be seen posting various videos from the gym and while some fans have said it's corny and annoying, there is no doubt that LeBron does not care. He is eager to share his work ethic, and for many, it is inspiring.

Going into his 19th season, LeBron understands what a good workout looks like. There are certain drills that will make you a better ballplayer, while some are just a huge waste of time. Recently, LeBron dove into the latter, as he's noticed a worrying trend amongst his peers.

LeBron James

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

"Why do so many ball players work on stuff they are never going to use in the game?? Seriously question. Annoys me a tad," LeBron wrote. The Lakers superstar makes a good point here especially when you consider some of the workouts we've seen on social media. While James is talking about obscure moves, some fans immediately thought of Ben Simmons working on his three-point shot. Every year he gives fans something to be hopeful of, only to never take threes in an actual game.


NBA stars have yet to reply to James, and it's probably because they know he's right. Either way, it appears as though LeBron is more than ready for this upcoming season.