At the beginning of this season, there were a ton of questions surrounding LeBron James and whether or not he could continue to be the player he's proven himself to be over the last 16 years. Some felt like he wouldn't be able to dunk while others thought his defensive play would take a serious hit. So far, LeBron has been able to shut up all of his critics and has led the Los Angeles Lakers to a staggering 21-3 record. The Lakers look poised to make a championship run and with LeBron and Anthony Davis at the helm, the Lakers are better than ever.

After defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night, LeBron took to Instagram with a video of one of his dunks. Once again, James came through with a sarcastic caption about how he is washed up and can't play the game like he used to.

"Meet me at the top floor cause I can’t get there anymore they say. Not a good decision to listen to what “THEY” say," James wrote. His Lakers teammate Dwight Howard echoed these sentiments by saying "U want some too old man. No. Cmon son. I told u bout coming over here messing with these folks."

Based on the way the Lakers are playing, it's hard to bet against LeBron right now. He's one of the greatest players ever and deserves to be respected as such.