Lonzo Ball and his family company the Big Baller Brand were heavily in the news last week due to the reports that co-owner and family friend Alan Foster ran away with $1.5 million of Lonzo's money. The story led to some outlets reporting the end of the Big Baller Brand, all while Lonzo covered up his BBB tattoo. Since then, family patriarch LaVar Ball has spoken to TMZ about the reports, saying that many of them are true, but Big Baller Brand is staying put. Although he did explain that he folded the company for a bit before ultimately changing his mind.

"We had a meeting before the story came out, man. And everybody was in they feelings. What I mean by that is, we're not really thinking. Cause I told them we're shutting down everything, cause I don't want him to get nothing," LaVar explained to TMZ. "So I said it was shut down. And that's why D Mo and everybody heard what I said and was going on them things. Okay triple B's is done."

LaVar also spoke about Lonzo's decision to cover up his Big Baller Brand tattoo. Interestingly enough, LaVar had no problem with it and actually thinks it was a good idea.

"Lonzo had to cover that Triple B up anyway. You can't play with no band-aid when you not even hurt," LaVar noted. "It feels weird playing like that. So you gotta cover it anyway."

Surely this whole situation makes for some great drama on the next season of Ball In The Family.