Kyrie Irving is easily one of the most misunderstood players in the entire NBA. There has been plenty of speculation recently in regard to his alleged mood swings and the way he distances himself from his teammates. Irving is currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets but last season, he was playing with the Boston Celtics. There were rumblings that he didn't get along very well with his Celtics teammates and that they were fed up with him

Today, the Celtics were in Brooklyn to take on the Nets and as you can see from the video below, it appears as though Kyrie and his former teammates are on good terms, after all. Irving was out of the lineup due to an injury and after his team won the game, he made his way onto the court to say hi to all of his former comrades. 

The reunions were incredibly cordial, especially his embraces with Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart. These three had a lengthy chat on the court and they appeared to be all smiles. Irving looks like he has a genuine love for those guys which is great to see. The reunion helps dispell the myths surrounding Kyrie and his supposed lack of "likability."

If you're one of those people on the Kyrie hate train, this video will certainly have you in shambles.