Kobe Byrant played the game of basketball with a fairly rough exterior that made teammates and opponents fearful of his wrath. In retirement, Bryant has been much more compassionate and can be seen working hard as a father while also getting into his philanthropist bag. Bryant is one of the most recognizable names and faces in all of sports which has allowed him to excel and create a brand identity for himself. He has completely changed his image for the better and his latest act of good certainly helps to continue to push the narrative.

According to TMZ, Bryant was recently spotted in California where he witnessed a huge car accident. Eventually, Bryant began to calm everyone down and was even directing traffic while talking to those who were involved. It was quite the scene especially with Bryant wearing a pink jumpsuit.

There is no information yet on the condition of the drivers although based on the clip above, it seems like everything was under control. Bryant used his problem-solving skills from his playing days to sort this situation out which certainly went a long way, particularly for those directly involved.

All we can in a situation like this is thank goodness Bryant was there to step in and do something.