Kevin McCall is focused on finishing up his Sex Tape Part 2 EP, but we were able to catch up with the r'n'b singer in the studio last week. Kevin spoke with our host, Jen DeLeon, about the upcoming project, the changing soundscape of r'n'b as a genre, how his relationships play into his music and more.

Kevin revealed, randomly enough, that he's been putting in work with none other than Marilyn Manson. You'll recall Gucci Mane collaborated with Marilyn too (and one of their tracks lives on Diary Of A Trap God)-- is Marilyn Manson making his way into the hip-hop industry? Kevin didn't spill too many details on what the two did together, however, it sounds like they've laid quite a few records down. 

"Currently, I did some work with Marilyn Manson actually. We have a bunch of songs together. Some are gunna be on his project, some gunna be on my project. Really my main project of focus right now is Sex Tape EP Part 2," the singer revealed.

Kevin also spoke on working with Gucci Mane himself, for their recent record "Cold Hearted."

"That collaboration just came about...I been rocking with Gucci for a minute, and whenever he's in town, he likes to work outta this studio," he explained. "So maybe he just likes the vibe here, and we just rocked out and we made a song. It was actually funny making that song with Gucci, 'cause he was tryna come up with the melodies and tryna sing them with his raspy voice. It was cool, because it was actually coming out good and it was cool to take some directions from Gucci, a rapper, on an r'n'b track."

Finally, Kevin spoke to us about his current girl, Eva Marcille, and how his relationships affect his music. "Relationships have always affected my music, even if you go back to "Deuces," just you know the negativity of an old broad, who ain't nothin', and that came out when I made that song. But also just drawing from good experiences, with someone like Eva, that's coming out in some of my new music. [Like] a song I wrote called "Sunflower" that people will get to hear on my album, hopefully some time soon."

Watch the full interview below, and check out Kevin's latest single, "Body Shot" here.