Fortnite has become a huge deal. This we know. But the extent to which some people take their fandom of a video game and translate into the real world–where, as Mr. 3k says, "birds fly"–is absurd. The latest to style an event after something that is (and probably should remain) completely virtual is the Hart family, who threw a Fortnite-themed birthday party for their son, Hendrix. The party's name is an unfortunate one: Hartnite Birthday Royale, an unfortunate application of one humanity's greatest arts: the pun. They even had shirts made for it with a Fortnite-style logos and a five-level cake that had something Fortnite one every single level, topped with the classic bus:

Photos of the whole thing, which can be seen here, make you wonder if the obsession with this game has gone too far. After all, what can all these eleven-year-olds do at the party once they finish looking at the fort-like decor and "Hartnite" logo painted on the door above the entrance to the party? Do they parachute into the event? Do they have a battle royal where the whole Hart family goes at it? Is that what Hartnite means? Do they stream it on Twitch?