Kanye West has always been an artist who pushes the boundaries of whichever domain he is working in. Whether it be music or fashion, Kanye has always been an innovator, even if it hasn't always met the approval of fans. His sneakers are a prime example of this as he has frequently come through with some truly bizarre designs. His first few shoes with Adidas were standard models but now, he has pushed sneaker design to the edge especially with his Yeezy slides.

Now, it appears as though yet another model of slides is set to make its way to the market. According to PY_RATES on Instagram, the Adidas Yeezy 450 Slide is set to drop on December 27th of this year for $65 USD. As you can see from the rendering below, this shoe has a truly bizarre aesthetic as the upper has a spiderweb-like look to it. It's yet another example of Kanye pushing boundaries and as you can imagine, fans are pretty split on how they feel about these. Only a certain type of person is going to want these, although they'll probably sell out anyway.\

Stay tuned for updates on this model and let us know what you think of it, in the comments below.