Kanye West is always plotting on bigger and better things. When the rapper was solely looked at as a producer, he worked his ass off to become a rapper before becoming the Kanye West we know him as today. These days, the rapper's aspirations seem to be geared more towards fashion than music. The Yeezy brand is doing well but Kanye has the vision to do bigger and better things at Adidas.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Kanye West recently sat down with Hood By Air founder Shayne Oliver for a piece in Interview magazine. The interview with the two mainly surrounded West praising Oliver's work at HBA and Helmut Lang but 'Ye dove into some details about his own aspirations. Kanye explained how he believed Oliver would be the new creative director of Helmut Lang (although it ended up being a one-time collection), he explained how he's been fighting to become the creative director of Adidas.

"Of this entire crew that came up around the same time, you are the most deserving of one of these positions. So it’s interesting to me when you get these situations, because, like, I’ve been fighting and struggling and arguing and talking and having conversation after conversation about being the creative director of Adidas," he said. "It’s just fucking obvious, right?"

Kanye ended up staying on course with the conversation and discussing Shayne Oliver's work with Helmut Lang but we would like to hear him discuss his "fight" to for the position at Adidas.