Kanye West's mind works in mysterious, and often grandiose ways. And damned if it isn't working so far. Not long after launching his first-ever opera Nebuchadnezzar, which premiered on November 24th, Yeezy wasted little time in setting up his second effort. Over the weekend, the mogul unveiled Mary, his brand new opera directed by longtime collaborator Vanessa Beecroft. Now, he's coming through for a repeat performance, this time bringing the production to New York City. 

Christopher Polk/Getty Images 

Like its predecessor, Mary takes on a biblical theme, with its narrative centering around the birth of Jesus Christ. A press release cites that the Books of Matthew and Luke are the basis for Mary's story, and likely served as a primary source of inspiration. Once again, Mary will feature original music performed by the Sunday Service Choir. The event, which promises to combine the worlds of "opera, fine art, modern dance, and gospel music," is set to premiere at the Lincoln Center on Sunday, December 22nd.

Should you be interested in experiencing what's sure to be a feast for the senses, be sure to cop your tickets right here -- while you still can. At the time of this writing, the virtual waiting room is full.