They promised "No More Parties In LA" but perhaps that vow was broken. It would appear kindred spirits Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar were sitting on some more heat in the stash. On this fateful day, a new collaboration has found its way back to us like the One Ring once sought out Gollum. While decidedly less refined than the aforementioned Life Of Pablo standout, this recently unearthed "Madlib Freestyle 6" is not without a raw, DIY sense of charm.

Due to a diligent resourceful bunch, the track has begun circulating, and while posting a direct link is sadly not an option, the track has been made available via Complex. While it sounds like the product of a drunken cypher in which the iPhone is passed around while recording a voice memo, the fact that said cypher features Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West makes this a rare and wonderful find. As for the track, Kanye seems to be focused on unleashing a lyrical barrage while Kendrick opts to play the hype-man role; a stark contrast to their "Renegade"-esque exchange on "No More Parties," in which K.Dot was marginally edged out by the second coming of Kanye West.

It stands to reason that this "Madlib Freestyle 6" is a product of the same Life Of Pablo sessions that reportedly led to at least five gigabytes worth of Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West collaboration WAVS. Check out the track now, and don't let your hype create false expectations; this one is more about what it represents than what it delivers.