Juelz Santana fans have been patiently awaiting a new project from the former Dipset rapper, and the time has almost arrived. 

Santana will be releasing a newly-named mixtape, God Will'n, on January 14th. He spoke on the project and his hiatus from the rap game to the Village Voice recently. 

Read about his title choice of the upcoming free project below, and what has changed since he last dropped an album in 2005. Make sure to cop it on the 14th.

So you named the mixtape "God Willin'." Why'd you chose that as a title?
God Willin... it just came to me and it felt good, it felt right. After I announced the title people hit me on Twitter, reminding me that Clipse first album was called Lord Willlin'.Honestly though the title just came to me. I didn't even think of that album. It just came to me. Originally it was going to be called Reagan Era and Kendrick Lamar got a song with that title but I been screaming "Reagan Era" for years. Or like Jay naming his album The Blueprint after KRS had an album by that title. It's all good at the end of the day.

What's different this time around?
I'm gonna treat the situations like I'm a new artist. I'm just hungry again. God Willin is just gonna be the start of a new chapter. I got a new label situation called Anything's Possible. But it's still Dipset, Skull Gang. I'm still on Def Jam. I already got the second mixtape done after God Willin where I'll be rapping over other people's beats but we're just going to talk about God Willin for now. I'm just happy to be back in business. I want to enjoy working and go hard and be where I need to be. Right where some of these niggas ain't supposed to be. I'm still lookin better than a lot of niggas who just dropped albums though. They looking lost out here. It's time to follow the leader again.