Taylor Rooks is an incredibly popular sports journalist and today, she launched her brand new show on YouTube titled Take It There with Taylor Rooks. Her first guest was Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler, who is always a fun person to talk to or here from. Butler is known for his in-your-face style and isn't afraid to tell it like is. While this has caused some tension between him and his teammates, his play more than makes up for it.

In this latest interview, Butler talked about the lowest point in his life and how it involved the sport that he loves.

"I would say when I wanted to quit basketball forever at Marquette," Butler explained. "I was like, 'Yeah, you know what? This basketball thing ain't for me.'"

For Butler, his feelings had to do with being so far from home. As someone from Texas, the move to Milwaukee was quite jarring and he didn't know how to handle it at first.

"I mean you're so far away from home and to tell the truth I ain't do no research I didn't know that it snowed, that it got cold. I didn't know anything," Butler said. "So I went up there like I was still in Texas... but the one guy that did help me—I'll tell you this—is Joe Fulce we went to Marquette together... The fact you just had somebody to listen to you definitely helped."

Good thing Butler stuck with it. Him and the rest of the Philadelphia 76ers have as good a chance as anyone to make it all the way to NBA Finals this year.