Jim Ross is a legend when it comes to WWE commentary. Unfortunately for the fans, Ross felt as though it was best that he move on from the company this year. The 67-year-old wasn't being used for events as much anymore and realized that it was time to move on. Since then, Ross has taken a job with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). 

Speaking to Sirius XM Busted Open Radio, Ross spoke about his departure from the WWE and his relationship with WWE president Vince McMahon.

“It’s not so much Vince, because Vince has been very pro-me making this move,” Ross said. “He’s been very positive about this. He’s — we’ve communicated a lot. Probably more in the last month or so than we have in — unfortunately, my fault — than in months and months. But I’d like to make him proud. I learned a lot working for the guy.”

Last month, Ross spoke on his podcast called "The Jim Ross Report" where he spoke about his decision to move on from the WWE.

"I'll be moving on in a positive way; nothing but good things to say about everyone involved," Ross explained. "You know, I have my critics in WWE, as we all do, as people do when you're there for very long. It's a very unique community, and I have no regrets. The smartest thing I ever did was come to work for Vince McMahon in 1993."