Jim Jones dropped his last mixtape, Vampire Life 2, in May of last year, but he's kept himself on the blogs with a freestyle here and there. Most recently, he released his own version of the "Harlem Shake," later explaining he had been sitting on the beat for a year before it turned into the phenomenon it is.

In a new interview with HHS1987, the Vampire Life advocate revealed that he actually has two projects he's currently prepping, at the same time as he works on his Vampire Life clothing line. One of those tapes is a follow-up to Vampire Life 2, and the other one is titled The Ghost Of Rich Porter 2. The latter should be dropping soon, Jones said.

Jones explained, "I've been working on two projects right now V3 and The Ghost Of Rich Porter 2, going at that night in and night out so hopefully in about 30 more days, we drop The Ghost Of Rich Porter 2 and then go into V3."

Check out his full interview clip below.