Jay-Z and Timbaland are being taken to court with a lawsuit by the children of Bollywood composer, Baligh Hamdy. In the track "Big Pimpin" from 2000,  they sampled “Khosara, Khosara,” which it seems they only had the "economic rights" for and they needed the express permission from the Hamdy children to use the sample.

A federal judge ruled earlier this month that the copyright case will go to trial.

The judge will determine whether or not Jay-Z made any profit by performing "Big Pimpin'" during his live shows.

“There is no record evidence that Jay-Z used 'Big Pimpin’' in his advertisements for a particular concert or concert series, or that 'Big Pimpin’' was performed at every concert,” wrote US District Judge Christina Snyder in her December 9th ruling. 

“It is a question of fact whether Jay-Z’s concert revenues should be considered direct or indirect…it is up to a jury to decide,” she added. “Accordingly, the court finds that there is a triable issue whether Jay-Z’s concert revenues constitute direct profits from his infringing live performances 'Big Pimpin’' for purposes of the Copyright Act.”